The Factory: 3D Product Animation
Retail Design
For this 3D Product Animation project Solidworks CAD files were provided by the client and imported into the 3D Animation software. On some occasions these files will need tiding up and re-building, however providing the CAD files will substantially reduce the project costs. 3D modelling is the most costly part of a 3D Animation production.
Once the CAD files have been converted, they are added to the scene. The 3D Product Animation environment is built using backgraounds & lighting and realistic materials & textures are added to the product. Materials of all description can be created and built to replicated actual physical properties.
In this particular scene it was important to show the stages of build up of the product and how it is to be fitted within the retail outlet. Each moving element has its own track for movement & rotation, in some instances a cloner object is used to duplicate multiple elements. The client also required still images showing various system arrangements and different visual merchandising ideas this part of the project can be viewed here. This project was produced in conjunction with The Factory Branding Agency Leeds


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