We are a small, but flexible 3D animation studio that provides 3D services for a range of different industries. Predominantly we work directly with clients and agencies providing 3D animated & illustrative content for marketing initiatives. Our experience covers the science, industrial and design industries, developing 3D content to help companies promote, communicate and sell their products or services.

As well as providing 3D products we can provide advice and consultancy on how 3D animation & illustration can be used within your company.

3D Animation is a highly effective communication tool that can convey the key points regarding your products/services that can sometimes be lost when relayed through other means.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can help you with, you never know what ideas we could develop to help your business grow, sometimes all it takes is a unique creative approach.

Jon Baugh

Senior Animator

BA(hons) 3D Design
MA Digital Arts

Studio: Skipton, North Yorkshire.
Mobile: ‭07939 818963‬


Having 22 years of experience working in the 3D animation industry (both freelance and in higher education) our senior animator Jon Baugh has a wealth of knowledge and skills in working in 3D animation & motion graphics. 

Graduating in 1995 with a BA(hons) in 3D design and then with an MA in Digital Design focusing on 3D Animation. Over the years he has worked with a number of different clients. Initially he started working for the scientific and medical industries. The complexity of these project varied from animating DNA helixes to visualising biological elements such as neurones etc. This experience was essential for dealing with huge CAD models for large scale industrial product 3D animation.

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