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3D Medical Animation showing neurons firing and communicating with each other. The electrical signal fires(blue) and travels to the other neurons, these receive the signal(red) and then respond accordingly. The scene uses a variety of materials and textures to visualise the microscopic environments and a narrow depth of field to illustrate the scale. The actual neurons were modelled using polygons and then placed inside a subdivision surface to smooth the skin of the neuron. Highly reflective and refractive materials were applied to the models of the neurons, so the nerve signal would reflect and refract as it moved through the body of the nerve cell. 3D animation software is idea for visualising 3D medical animations it can accurately show processes and functions of medical or biological elements. Lastly tiny dynamic particles were added to create a microscopic environment this is conjunction with a very short depth of field gives a interesting medical aesthetic.

Clip Available to purchase from the Sciencephotolibrary


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