Apr 15, 2018

Fera Science: Mesocosm Animation

‘With the impending launch (Autumn 2018) of our E-Flows mesocosm, a unique test-bed of 60 realistic streams, each up to two metres wide and ten metres long, having a continuous matched supply of aged fresh water, and all being independent of each other – we set Jon the challenge of how you bring such a facility to life and communicate the complex nature of work that is carried out here. 

This facility provides a realistic, but closely controlled, environment for edge-of-field surface waters that can be exposed to novel products in a real-world scenario to ensure the safety of our aquatic habitats yet the length of build time required combined with the 24 month planning process for this type of analysis posed a challenge in communication to key stakeholders.  

This is where Jon’s expert animation really delivers – the 3D animation is clear, concise and engaging, showcasing all the benefits of the facility and even going underneath the streams to understand how the facility is controlled and managed – even a challenge in real life!.

Jenny Bell Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Fera Science limited

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