3D Animation Services

Industries and Applications
3D Services

A range of 3D animation services are provided as follows: (but not limited to)

  • 3D Animation: services such as product animation, motion graphics, interior animation and instructional animation.
  • 3D Illustration: Static or still images displaying 3D graphics such as illustrating products, processes or the functionality of products such as 3D exploded diagrams etc.
  • Photorealistic rendering for:
    Product Visualisation: This can be a great tool for visualising design prototypes before production, saving time and money before embarking on expensive tooling and manufacture.
    Interior and exterior architectural visualisation: A fantastic method for presenting 3D designs with different approaches to environment, lighting and space.
  • 3D Animation services for training and instructional videos
    Animation provides a brilliant way of communicating specific information about and product or service clearly. This can be particularly helpful when trying to communicate across different languages as the individual can  see and immediately understand the key bit of information and benefits.
CAD Conversion

As a part of our 3D animation service we can convert your native files from your CAD software into our animation software so we can animate products or produce photorealistic rendering. 

CAD Formats include:
(but are not limited to)

  • Solidworks
  • STEP
  • Auto Cad 
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Pro/E&Creo
  • Project Communication
    A direct one to one relationship with your project, no middle person or multiple agency employees to deal with. Our lead animator works solely on your project all of the time.
  • Project Progress
    We will keep you up to date with the progress of your project at regular intervals making sure you are aware of all the developments. Initially as the 3D scene is built we will send you rendered stills, as the animation phase begins will send you lo-res animatics/animations of you project. Final rendering will only start when agreed in writing.
  • Project Costs
    Projects are costed for build time which encompasses 3D Modelling and Animation. For Animations rendering is charged separately and only for the final version of the animation.

    Please contact us and we will inform you of what information we need for a free quote.


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