The Great Circle


3D Diagrams | Harrogate | North Yorkshire
3D Diagrams

Images 1-8: The  Great Circle a flight training company to commission us to produce a series of 3D animations to aid training presentations for the flight ground school. They wanted to convert to their existing 2D diagrams into full motion 3D animations to help aid the learning of specific information that was hard to communicate through traditional 2D images.

Image 9: We also updated their IPhone and App store Icons for their training exam apps. They wanted to keep the company colours and for the app icons to have a more technical look than the original. The x-ray images were very different and so this was used in the branding throughout and portrays a very technical/clinical feel to the final designs.

Image 10: During the creation of these animations and app icons the Great Circle asked that we also create a new animated logo for their website. This consisted of using the transparent globe created for the training animations as the main element and then animating a plane with a jet stream encircling the globe.

“Thanks for your work to date, really like the others a lot and I think they’ll be useful elsewhere in the business too!”

Adam Berrington Managing Director