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3D Animation Commissioned by the Science Photolibrary

Caption: Animation of the composition of milk. The carton opens to reveal the different components within. Milk is largely made up of water, which forms some 87% of it. Dissolved in the water are numerous ions, including phosphate and calcium, which forms about 0.1% of the milk. Some 5% is carbohydrate, mainly the disaccharide sugar lactose, which is also dissolved in the water. At a far larger scale, the protein component of milk makes up about 3%. The majority of the protein is casein, which forms large globules called micelles. Each micelle is made up of smaller micelles, the outer ones having long filaments extending into the water.

“We’ve processed the milk now and it’s going online tonight – thanks for this, it’s amazing, way better than I ever hoped, nice work!”
Ben Jones Head of Motion Science Photo Library