3D Industrial Animation - HTUK

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3D Industrial Animation

This 3D industrial animation was produced for HTUK an subsidiary of JBC Industrial Services in Leeds. The project involved various stages such as 3D Modeling, Animation and Post Production. The brief from the client stated that they wished to outline the Hot tapping process showing the various stages and the installation of a manufacture spool piece.

The project involved modeling the technical elements using 3D software such as the Hot Tap Machine, Hot Tap Housing, Cutter/Pilot Assembly, spool piece and Hot Tap Valve. In addition textures, colour and lighting was added to enhance the 3d environment.

Once these items had been constructed animation was then applied to show the Hot Tap Process from start to finish. Other elements were added such as the 3D cutaway to show the movement of the steam/liquid through the prosess and how is it pypassed to allow access to the main line to insert the spool piece.

The clients also wished to have a title sequence and text appearing on the  3D industrial animation further clarifying the stages of the hot tapping process. Audio was mixed using a various sound effect that have be edited to represent the different working machines.

HTUK Hot Tapping







3D Industrial animation is the perfect way for explaining any industrial process clearly and informatively.