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This CMD project involved building a 3D animation detailing the range of underfloor, desk and lighting solutions CMD offers and how these products are installed within the commercial office environment.

Client: Science Photo Library

Septicaemia: Animation showing bacteria and other pathogens traveling with blood cells (red) in the bloodstream.

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Science Photo Library Commission Detailing the polarity and Geometry of Molecules.


During the production of the boiler animation HTUK a subsidiary of JBC industrial services asked me to create an animation of their new venture.


JBC Industrial Services recently approached me create a 3D animation of an industrial boiler detailing the possible energy saving options available.

Flight Training Animation: 3D Animated Aeronautical Charts detailing airspace boundaries and waypoints. 3D Graphics are a brilliant way to create sophisticated and complex 3D diagrams and illustration. The client wanted to convert static 2d diagrams in animated 3D Diagrams as this format would provided a better understanding of the concepts and theories involved.

Digital Animation

Digital Art: Fracture

3D Logo Design: Reel to Reel Tape Deck

3D Logo Design Client: Headjog

3D Graphic Design & Illustration

3D Illustration of a Passion flower using 3D modeling, 2D graphics also created using 3D software.

3D App Icon Design

New Service: 3D App Icon Design utilising 3D modeling and rendering
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